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Jacqueline Gordon
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Jacqueline Gordon I just can't box you guys up in a category. Your music is so uniquely your own and beautiful, and I love the messages in your lyrics. My only complaint is that you don't have enough music, please write more! Favorite track: What Would I Know.
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Northbound is the sophomore release from Seattle-based band, Window View. Recorded in Los Angeles at the Chalet with producers Will Golden and Al Sgro, this record represents a huge step forward for the band in terms of sound and scope. Northbound exhibits a variety of flourishes from tight, lush three-part harmonies on What Would I Know to the melancholy yet anthematic sound of Continents. The band flexes their production muscles on songs like The Pacific and Last Chance For Love, employing a menagerie of rhythm and sounds that keep the your ears feeling surprised at every turn. Northbound is an exciting step forward for the band and leaves you wanting more.


released April 10, 2012



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Window View Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Last Chance For Love
Can you see is rising up from the ocean?
Can you feel it in your veins?
Can you hear it sounding over the motion?
There's a flood on the way.

We are the hope here for everyone,
We are the last chance for love.
With our feet on the ground and our spirits in the sky,
We are the last chance for love.

Can you see it in the shadows of unrest?
Can you feel it giving way?
Can you hear it in the cries of the oppressed?
There's a movement underway.

We've been waiting to arise.
We've been crashing from above.
But you've been breaking through our skies.
You are the last chance for love.
Track Name: What Would I Know
It's a chase that we're in,
And it's wearing us thin.
We run, to find our love.

Should I chase after you?
Should I let love follow through?
But what would I know 'bout that?

It's a tale that we tale,
And it's taller than hell.
And we bleed every word.

Is this story of love?
Or has the plot just come undone?
But what would i know 'bout that?

Sunlight is a word we grow in our sleep,
Where clearer skies break underneath.
Love is a flower that grows at our feet,
But we trample it down passionately.

It's a mark that we miss,
It's an ignorant bliss.
We close our hearts to true love's kiss.

But you're calling us home,
Asking to be known.
But what would I know 'bout that?
Track Name: Continents
Maybe it's love because it hurts.
Maybe it's a war so I will fight.
Maybe you're always on my mind,
Because maybe it's you I'm trying to find.

Love is gonna cost you.
Love is gonna break your heart.

Maybe it takes time for us to tell.
Maybe we're sick cause we're unwell.
Maybe you seem hidden here tonight.
But you're still the only one I'm trying to find.

Love is gonna cost you,
Love is gonna break your heart.
When you've got nothing left except your sorrows,
There's no better place to start.

Our hearts like continents,
Standing on separate shores.
I'll send my love to you,
Like a message in a bottle made of sound.
Track Name: One Beating Heart
We say 'hello', we smile at the start,
Extend our hands, but guard our hearts.
We grow our skin so thick to hide,
But we've all got skeletons inside.

We listen to words shot into our heads,
By a gun called fear, saying thing unsaid.
We think we're the ice and the world is a flame,
But we all are made of the same fragile frames.

The fear that you've tried so hard to fight,
Is the same thing that keeps me up at night.
We think we're made of separate parts,
But we are one beating heart.
Track Name: The Pacific
I've been running up and down the coast,
Trying to remember which direction leads me home.
Is it the sand between my toes,
Or the raindrops on my nose that let me know?

When the Pacific's on my left I'll see the trees turn into evergreens.
When the Pacific's on my right I'll watch the rain become an ocean breeze.
But its not enough to go, even if the streets are paved with gold.
No, cause if you're not there then I can't call it home.

I've been looking over my shoulder,
But the past keeps getting older.
I keep saying that if the air could just be colder,
Then this place could tide me over for a while,

Somebody take me home.
I wanna get out of this skin that i am in,
Take me home.