Out Of Order

by Window View

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Window View’s homegrown debut album, Out Of Order, was originally released Dec. 2009. It was recorded largely in LA at Matt and Aaron’s West Hollywood apartment. Everything from the recording of the music to the photography and artwork was done by the band. It received the ‘New And Noteworthy’ distinction on iTunes and songs from Out Of Order were also featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. And for a bit of trivia, the car featured on the cover is Matt’s 1984 Volkswagon Vanagon (affectionately named, Penny).


released December 22, 2009



all rights reserved


Window View Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Yours (If I Was The Sun)
Wake up don't go back to sleep.
The morning comes in a little while.
Wake up don't go back to sleep.
It's time to rise in a little while.

Wake up she's not yours to keep.
But it'll be this way for a little while.
You know that she'll be mine to keep.
But you can shine on her for a little while.

All of us are fading suns.
Churning fire, and burning up.
And we might have a world to light,
But someday we will burn out brightly and finally be yours.

Wake up don't go back to sleep.
Cause all we've got is a little while.
Wake up don't go back to sleep.
It can't last more than a little while.

I know that she's not mine to keep.
But can I keep her here for a little while?
Just for now in the in-between.
Cause we'll both be yours in a little while.

Surely, surely as sunrise I'll be yours forever.
Surely, surely as the dawn.
Track Name: Emmalyn
Dear, Emmalyn how you do?
I'm hoping this song finds you.
Everything is alright now. Is everything alright?
How do you get along on your own,
When I'm miles away from home?
Staying up all night long, writing you a love song.

Girl I miss your emerald eyes,
And the way you touch the sky at night.
You're such a sight.
I think I just might pack my bags tonight.
I've been gone it seems like years,
But I'll be back to catch your tears when you are dressed in grey,
I'll be home dear Emmalyn, someday.

Dear, Emmalyn I confess,
That everything here's a mess.
Nothing is alright now, cause everything is upside down.
But Emmalyn hold on tight,
And when the time is right,
Everything'll be brand new, just like it used to.

Girl I miss your emerald eyes,
And the way you touch the sky at night.
You're such a sight.
I think I just might pack my bags tonight.
I've been facing all my fears,
But I'll be there to catch your tears when you are dressed in grey.
I'll be home dear Emmalyn, someday

So, Emmy what's the matter?
You know that i would rather,
Be home inside your arms.
And tell me what's the matter,
With all these chutes and ladders,
That I've been running through,
Just to get to you.
Track Name: Out Of Order
Words like broken threads.
Phrases left for dead.
Walls we’ve built so tall.
I wonder why they were ever built at all?

So, put up a sign cause we’re not alright.
We’re broken down.
When the things in our heads that never get said,
Start pouring out.
We’re out of order, now.
We’re out of order, growing closer.
We're out of order, now.

We could let this drown.
We could let it tear us down.
But how could I forget?
That I would not have what I’ve got,
If not for what you give.

Its been building up behind your eyes,
Like a slowly rising flood.
Oh, dear friend, I’d be cracked and dry,
If you let this bottle up.
Track Name: Juliet
Juliet, climb down.

I've been looking for a line to start a song for you,
But i'll just end up sounding dumb.
I'll try and make your heart ache,
But i'll just end up chasing you away, my mistake.

Juliet, climb down.

I've been looking to the west to find my Juliet,
But she rose from the east.
But it's late in the day,
And her rays beat gently on my range, a glorious pain.

Juliet, climb down.

I've been waiting all my life to find a chance like you.
A chance to redefine my days.
Could it be, could it be,
That the story was written of you and me, my Julie?

Juliet, climb down.
Track Name: Day Dream
He opens his eyes and see's that she's still fast asleep.
The morning is new but he can't help feeling old.
When she awakes she gets out of bed and he helps her dress.
So many years but she can't recall

He opens his Bible and reads it to her most every day.
She smiles back at him but she cant find a word to say.
Somewhere she knows that she isn't right, she begins to cry.
Her heart wants to speak her love but her mind just wont comply.

And he can't help feeling alone though she's still there.
Their love was once so alive but now she's,
Lost in a day dream,
She cant be brought back to shore.
Lost in a day dream.

They sit on the couch and turn on the TV to pass the time.
Nothing to do, no one to see.
He fights off the feeling that life is a game and his turn is up,
But sometimes it's all too much

He puts her to bed and turns out the light, then he shuts the door.
He let's out a breath and closes his eyes.
He opens a bottle, and pours out a glass to numb the pain.
Angry at God but all that he can do is pray.

When he said, "Until death do us part, you'll have my heart."
He could not have known, it would not be death that would take,
But it's life that would break him down.
Someday he knows he will be going home,
But until that day comes, he's still alone.
Track Name: Hole Inside My Heart
There's a hole inside my heart,
And its scratching at the door.
Asking to be let inside and filled with something more.

I've felt this cold before,
And it chills me to the bone.
Is there someone I could hold?
Cause I can't keep warm alone.

I've tried so many times,
To fill this on my own.
A pretty face, a warm embrace,
But neither left me whole.

I've tried to fit myself inside your truth.
But I'm not fit to be a part of you.
Now I'm not sure where look for me.
Am I lost or am I found?
And I can see that the hole inside is filling up with clouds.
Track Name: Songbird
I found a songbird, her voice it hypnotizes me.
Pet names and cages, my love it isn't what she needs.
Pride like an anchor, the waters move but we are still.
Locked in emotion, the chains are breaking from the chill.

I've been holding on too strong.
I've been doing this all wrong.
It's time to set her free, cause if it's meant to be,
I know the wind will bring her back to me.

Her wings are broken, yet she still attempts to fly, high.
Spiraling downwards, she hits the ground, begins to cry.
Track Name: Taking Over Me
Every day the story goes,
I bundle tightly for the cold.
My feet walk slow this beaten road.
My heart directs them where to go.

This fragrance smells so sweet.
I surrender all of me.
This love is just a dream,
But it's taking over me.

Faces come and faces go,
But this dream sleeps tightly down below.
I'm ready now for love's appeal,
For I fear this dream's becoming real.

I've spent all my days looking for love that was broken.
Chasing a romance, that always left me dry.
I've spend all my nights dreaming of words never spoken.
If only I had known, you loved me all the while.

You broke in and you stole my show,
Now love burns brightly in my soul.
A love that fills my fractured heart.
A love that's chased me from the start.
Track Name: Falls And Rises
Love is like an ocean crashing on the beach.
Love is like an empire ruling over me.
It falls and rises.

Love is like a sunset lost behind the peaks.
Love is like the stars watching over me.
It falls and rises.

I've seen lovers rising up.
I've seen lovers falling down from the bluff.
Though we've been broken by shadows and sparks,
You've captured our hearts.
But the tension is here with the rising and falling of love.

Love is like a little drop of mercury.
Love is like a symphony that's locked inside of me.
It falls and rises.

Love is like a stone skipping on the sea.
Love is like a savior dying on a tree.
It falls and rises.

There is a love that burns like a fire.
There is a light that's brighter than the day.
But we've spent our time chasing shadows and sparks.
And brown paper hearts.
Track Name: 139
Oh, Lord you have searched my every thought,
Every whisper every plot is known to you.
You know every hollow in my heart,
Every discontented part is known to you.

If I find my way to Heaven or if I fall back down to hell,
If the darkness took me under you'd be there.
If I ride the wings of morning, if I catch the ocean swell,
If the daylight did forsake me you'd be there.
I could hide away or try and make a broken-up escape,
But still I couldn't run away from you.

You saw as I was woven in the dark,
Before I had a heart you knew my name.
You've got all the pieces in your hands,
Every day dream, every plan is dear to you.

I look ahead I look behind and you're on every side,
You're far too marvelous for me!
You take my guilt, you take my shame,
You take my hand and then you say, "Listen closely as I speak..."

If you find your way to Heaven or if you fall back down to hell,
If the darkness took you under I'd be there.
If you ride the wings of morning, if you catch the ocean swell,
If the daylight did forsake you I'd be there.
You could hide away or try and make a broken-up escape,
But still you couldn't run away from me.